We are a crypto enthusiastic group, building awesome gambling dapps on blockhains.

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Build provably fair gambling games

BlockGambit build provably fair gambling dapps. We use blockain technology to create for you awesome gambling dapps. Discover our current projects here. All our games are decentralized blockchain applications, you can now bet better and safer.

Game Of Trons

Will YOU be the last one to sit on the Tron, be crowned king and win the treasure ?
Or will you invest in land and collect taxes from other players that attempt to become your king ?
Play her.


We are currently develloping a lottery game and a lot exciting new projects!. Follow us to know more about it.

New projects

We are currently develloping a lot exciting new projects! To know more about it follow us.
If you want us to devellop some specific game you'd love to play just ask us.

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